World's First Text To Fabrication (TTF) Startup

Flumio helps you have your dream furniture by chatting with our Generative AI system. It will be yours in a few days!

Easy to Use Interface

Just chat with our AI to generate various iterations of your desired furniture. Let your imagination fly, our AI won't get tired!

Chat-based user interaction
Full customization, easy edits and modifications
Access to your design history
Be part of our ever-growing catalog entirely made by the fantastic community of Flumio’s customers

Robotic Fabrication Process

Our robotic fabrication process automatically converts your unique designs into physical reality! Again, let your imagination fly, our robots won't get tired!

Adaptive fabrication in real-time to each different design
Wide range of materials and finishings
Rapid robotic fabrication for rapid production

Receive Your Furniture

Our TTF technology transforms your personal ideas into real unique furniture.

Text To Fabrication

Flumio helps you create your dream furniture, and brings it to you in just a few days!
Just enjoy the first two steps, our AI will take care of the rest

Visualize Your Ideas

Flumio's state-of-the-art text to image technology helps you design your dream furniture in a friendly conversation! Just tell our AI what you want and it will come back with unique designs and suggestions for you.
Flumio’s technology offers flexibility for all types of customers. You can design furniture from scratch, start from other people’s designs, or choose from existing furniture in the catalog and adapt its dimensions to your needs.

Iterate and Refine

And if you want to add more taste of yours to the table, just ask the AI to modify the piece for you. Fluffier forms, no problem! Vibrant colors, just say it!

Design to Fabrication

Our AI will quickly convert your design into a parametric model and generate the fabrication data for our high-tech robotic production system on the fly.


Once you are happy with the design, pricing, and delivery options, our algorithms will engineer your piece and our robotic system will start manufacturing your custom piece. It will show at your doorstep in a few days.



Curvey and Soft


Dynamic and Organic


Organic and Light


Fluid and Complex

Endless Opportunites

Manuel Ladrón de Guevara

Manuel is a Computational Designer with extensive experience in Machine Learning and Design. He worked with Adobe Research and is currently finishing his PhD at Carnegie Mellon University in Computational Design.

Ardavan Bidgoli

Ardavan is a Computational Designer, with a passion for Machine Learning, Design, and Robotics. Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with Ph.D. in Computational Design, and has collaborated with Autodesk and Bentely Systems.

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